Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beauty Basic Part I (even if you don't wear make up)

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I love playing with make up and trying different looks but I personally don't wear a lot of make up on a daily basis. Although my daily routine is pretty basic I know a lot of women who don't wear any make-up at all. So, I was inspired to share a beauty basic I learned growing up.

The #1 basic beauty tip for me is to have a well shaped eyebrow.  Our eyes are the center of our face so it helps shape our facial features. If we have well groomed and shaped eyebrows it can help shape our face. Well groomed eyebrows can make a dramatic difference even if you don't wear any make up.

Here are some tutorials on how to shape your eyebrows:

After you shape them you can choose to shade them in or not. I have really light eyebrow hairs so I personally like to shade them in with an eyebrow pencil but if you naturally have thick eyebrows you can just lightly brush on a clear coat of eyebrow mascara or lightly fill it in with a eyebrow pencil.

When you're choosing a eyebrow pencil color I like to chose a color a shade lighter then my current hair color to make sure it looks natural. Sometimes it looks a little unnatural and tacky when you have light brown hair but black color eyebrows. My hair is currently black so I usually use a dark brown or natural black.

Here's how my eyebrows look after they're filled in:

This spring let's start fresh by doing a spring cleaning on ourselves...clean pretty eyebrows!


  1. Wow ,Great information. I did not think to go a shade lighter with pecil. Good tip Thanks


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