Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Two Strangers

This past weekend Chris and I went to 3rd street Promenade to eat the best Salty Caramel Gelato at Bellagio.  We drove 40 minutes just to have this Gelato and when we arrived we found out that they ran out of it. Chris was on a hunt to eat everything he wanted before he started his round 2 of P90X on Monday (Click here to visit his blog. You can see his round 1 results from doing P90X and more.)  We were both pretty bummed but we had a great time walking around and getting some fresh air.  That day turned out even better after we witnessed a very heart touching moment.  We were driving towards the freeway to go home then suddenly the engine of the truck on our right wouldn’t start.  She looked young and she was all alone.  She was talking to someone on the phone and I’m guessing she was calling someone to ask what she should do.  I can tell she was about to breakdown and cry.  Then, she got out of her car and started pushing her huge truck.  There were a lot of cars behind her and a few people were honking.  It didn't look pretty.  Chris decided to park our car to help her.  So we drove across the street to the gas station to park our car and as Chris got ready to run across the street her car started moving with her in the driver seat.   I thought her car might have started but as her car turned on the street I saw two young men pushing her car from the back.  Chris said they both jumped out of their car immediately and started helping her.  I don’t know why but seeing that brought tears of joy in my eyes.  I’m sure you guys know by now but I tend to cry easily for any occasion.  I don't know why I was crying but It showed a lot of love and hope.  It proved that there are many great people around us.  Sometimes it takes a difficult situation to see them.

This is obviously not the actual picture but I thought it was too cute <3
Did you witness true love recently? Please share I would love to hear about it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!

Mine was fun filled and extremely relaxing.  We had dinner at my sisters house and opened all our wonderful presents the week before Christmas.  My nephews had a blast opening theirs for sure. Then we went to Castroville (near San Jose) to visit my in laws on the weekend of Christmas. This year we got a chance to visit San Francisco so we had an awesome Christmas Eve.  Literally all we did was sleep and eat that whole weekend which was awesome.

Then for New Years Eve, we went to Le Prestige at LA Live with a few of our dear friends whom I love very much.  We usually go to NYE service but we wanted to be with our friends this year especially since one of my best friends came to LA from New York. It was fun dancing our toes away and spending the last few moments of 2010 with people we love.

Another year has begun and I hope at the beginning of 2012 we can all be people who say's "we did this..." more than people who say's "I should have done...".  Let's not let what happened in 2010 distract us from where we're heading in the future.  One thing I know for sure is that the past does not define your future.  I hope this year will be filled with miracles in many different ways.

Also, I already have so many stories I want to share with you guys so please stay tuned. 

Here are a few pictures of the last moments of 2010:

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