Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beauty Basic Part II

Hey Everyone!

Happy hump day!
I've been loving the weather these past few weeks. It definitely doesn't feel like winter anymore. It's been in the mid 70's or low 80's the past few weeks. It reminded me of how much I really missed the sun.

A few day's ago I did another poll of Facebook and asked everyone what type of foundation they used most often. The winner was definitely BB creme or also known as a Tint lotion.

Tint lotions are great for everyone. I recommend to use one with SPT to protect your skin from the sun. It's great for day's when you don't want to wear any make up but still have some coverage. Also, you can use it as a primer to help your foundation, powders, loose powder, etc to apply smoother. I personally use it whenever I go out.

Why I changed up my routine:
My usual routine is my tint lotion and a loose powder but this year I switched it up a little. Since it was incredibly dry this year I tried a creme foundation. I've never used one before but I actually really love it. It's great for winter because it helps your skin feel and look moisturized. Loose powder can look too matte and dry. I really like the one I got. It's from Artistry but unfortunately they don't carry it here in the US. I special ordered it from Korea. I love the consistency and the way it feels on my skin. It also makes me skin look super radiant and extra healthy. I really love it!

My current daily routine:
I apply a shimmer tint lotion (pearl tube) or regular tint lotion (black tube), then concealer, and lastly my favorite creme foundation.

Here are what my friends chose as their favorite foundation:

  1.   Yeeun Lee BB cream and powder foundation

  2. Sharon Kweon Bb cream

  3. Jeska Lee I use MAC liquid foundation most of time, but I've been using BB cream these days and put powder on top lightly. I like BB cream, but only downside would be limited color variations :(

  4. Jenny Lee Lazy day: BB cream since it has SPF and i'm too lazy to do anything Non-lazy day: BB cream, Foundation, and powder.. :D that's only when I go out somewhere nice..

  5. Erica Gonzalez Artistry Tint Lotion!
  6. Regina Suh Mineral powder and BB cream on heavier days.
  7. Jamie Lee foundation w loose powder
  8. Eun Young Ellen Choi Baked powder foundation. Good coverage but doesnt feel heavy~

Me and my friends recently did a comparison with the tint lotion I use and some of the really popular one's in the market and we literally almost fell off our seat. It was really surprising!

Let me know if you would like me to share the photo's and our experience.


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