Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The best skin care advices

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure you guys all heard it before but washing your face everyday is very crucial but its just as important to use a toner. Not only is it the final step to cleansing your skin but it also balances your skins pH level.  It also preps your skin to absorb the nutrients from the essence and creme. Also, make sure you apply the toner with a cotton so that your face absorbs all the nutrients and not your palm. 

Taking 5 minutes out of your day to take care of your skin will go a long way. We all have 5 minutes to spare right?

A few weeks ago I asked my friends on facebook what some of the best skin care advices they received and a few people answered back with great answers. So, I thought it would be great to share what some people said.
  1. Jenny Lee wear sunscreen everyday!

  2. Chris Choe If I don't wash my face for a day it's equal to 3 days of not washing.

  3. Caroline Vasquez-Coronado Wash your face daily and moisturise day and nite.

  4. Roselynn Peungtuan-Dang Sunscreen daily and exfoliate BEFORE cleanser :)

  5. Allysha Almada Keep your hands off your face

  6. Jenn Lee Baking soda helps with blackheads:)

  7. Anne Song sunscreen rain or shine!

  8. Sandy Choi Thanks everyone for sharing. The best advise I've learned was "don't savor". If it say's 12-weeks supply use it up in 12 weeks to get the full benefit.
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Thanks everyone for sharing great information!



  1. yes... I'm #1 on the list.. You should do another poll :D

  2. I want to be #1! Yes, do another poll!!

    1. Hopefully next time you'll catch the question before Jenny =)

  3. haha... Chris, you should give up right now.. you're a guy; unless, Sandy tells you a really good answer.. lol

    1. Jenny you're funny. Another poll for sure. Do you guys have any suggestions?


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