Friday, February 10, 2012

IN THE MOMENT - Jessica Stein

Hey Everyone,

I was really inspired by this post by so I had to share.
This totally reminded me of Spring. I can't wait to run around in flowy dresses, pastel tones, and glitter accessories. I'm still in the process of recovering so I have to stay bundled up as much as possible but I can't wait to run around in flowy tops in Spring. I'm definitely trying to add more color into my wardrobe. I actually look best in pastel colors because of my skin tone but I don't own too many of them. Possible investment pieces this year?

Possibly some inspiration for Valentines Day.

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. That' so funny because I saved this the image of Jessica Stein when I saw it on WWW Daily! She has awesome style! :D


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