Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is what TRUE LOVE is....

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday and especially Valentine's Day!
This is my 3rd Valentine's day with Chris and very memorable one because it's our first with Topher.
What if everyday was Valentine's Day where we show love to people we love? That'll be different right?

This was going around on facebook and I had to share it because this is what True Love is.

The story behind this picture:

'So today I was in Hallmark buying my mom a Happy Birthday card when I noticed this old man stnding in front of the Valentines card section contemplating which one to get. I decide to go over and I ask him “Are you getting a Valentine’s Day for your wife?” in which he replies 'No my wife died 3 years ago from breast cancer but I still buy her roses and a card and bring them to her grave to prove to her that she was the only one that will ever have my heart'

I hope this story can bring a great smile to your heart. Let's protect our love for one another until the end.


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