Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ch.3 How did I know Chris was the one?

We were praying for confirmations because we wanted to make sure we were the right person for each other and the only person who knew that was God. Although I can’t share all the signs God showed us, I want to share a couple that was very impactful. I also want to talk about how I started praying for my future husband because I didn’t always know to do that.
One of my mentors I really love and respect told me that finding the right person was the most important thing in life. She always said it was more important than figuring out my career path. I always knew it was important but I didn't start taking it seriously until she told me that. She mentioned that it wasn’t just important because we’ll spend the rest of our life with them but also because they become a part of us. Her story is that she prayed for her future husband since she was in high school. To make a long story short, she asked God to show her a bright light around her future husband when she met him and that’s what God did. Also, I read in a book called Passion & Purity by Elisabetha Elliot (I recommend this book for men and female) that told me to write down exactly what I wanted in a man/woman and pray for it. So, that’s exactly what I did. I honestly didn’t pray about it every day but I had faith that God would send me the right person.
Since then, everyone I met prior to Chris fell short of one or more things. I always tried to look past it because I thought I was being too picky. I would tell myself, “He may not have this and that but at least he has this.” I was compromising but God had better plans for me. When I met Chris and got to know him, I realized that he had all the traits I wrote down and prayed for. Chris isn’t perfect but he was for me. God even provided the smallest things.  For instance, I asked for a man who can sing and play piano (specifically) because I wanted to praise together and Chris can do both.
Another confirmation was when Chris and I were talking outside my house inside his car.  We were talking about our relationship and if we were ready to take the next step. I think he was ready but I wasn’t quite ready yet. As we were having this conversation he suddenly became really quiet and started looking up into the sky through the sunroof. I didn’t want to bother him because it seemed like he had a lot on his mind.  After a few minutes I said something to him (I forgot what I said) that was completely random and out of the norm for me. Then he looked at me as if he saw a ghost. So I asked him what was wrong.  He responded, “How did you know to say that?”  The only answer I was able to think of was that it just popped up inside my head.  Then, what he told me next was what really surprised me.  He said he was praying quietly while he was looking up into the sky and he prayed, “God if Sandy really is the women I’m supposed to marry, please have her say this (the thing I said) to me right now.”  Then moments later, I said the exact same thing to him.  I know it’s pretty crazy! We took that as a definite confirmation from God and we decided to talk to our pastor, friends, and family to receive their blessings as well.
That’s how we started dating officially.

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