Monday, September 20, 2010

Ch.1 How Chris and I met

Hi Guys,
I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was filled with a lot of blessings. I had a lot of stuff on my mind but it was all healthy.

I pondered for a while where I should begin to tell my story. Should I start when I was in high school, middle school, kindergarten, or now? Then I decided, "sharing how I met my husband would be a great start."

When someone asks me how I met my husband, Chris, I always start my story by saying, "we technically met at a club, but we officially met in church." I know you're probably thinking "a club and then church?"

I'll explain.

I officially met Chris at my church around April 2008. He was the new guy at church. He has great people skills so he got to know everyone fairly quickly. I actually thought he was a returning member of the church beacuse he got to know everyone so fast.

During that time I was preparing to go to Thailand for a short term mission's trip. Chris wasn't planning on going in the beginning but decided to join us shortly after. We had a carwash to raise funds for the mission's trip at our church. And from what I remember, this also happened to be the place where we first spoke. He did a great job of grabbing my attention because he went out of his way to show interest in me (It was probably all part of his plan.) He seemed like a nice guy but I wasn't interested in him or any guy at the time. A short time prior, I was so emotionally burnt out by failed relationships and love. I also made a promise with God that I would focus and trust on only Him.

Chris and I had small conversations at church but we didn't really get to know each other until we hung out with a few of our friends at a Karaoke (This is what us Koreans love to do.) One of our friends, Chris, and I got there a little earlier than the others so we had some time to talk and get to know one another. I started asking Chris some questions about himself and how he got to know our church. He started sharing his life story and that's when my perspective of him changed completely. His struggles and triumph's really attracted me. One of my biggest turn on's is someone with great leadership, a vision, and passion and he had all three! Most importantly he was a man of God. This was when I started developing feelings for him. I tried to suppress my feelings because I thought it was a distraction from God. You see, I made some wrong decisions in the past based on just my emotions and my heart was broken a little too many times. I jumped into relationship's for the wrong reasons. I didn't want to repeat the same episode in my life so I made sure that the next relationship I decide to be in was completely reliant on God. As time went by, I kept pushing my feelings aside and prayed that God will show me through signs if this relationship was really meant to be. I also prayed that he would show me when the right person came along. Then, shortly after Chris asked me out on a date...

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