Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ch.2 My first date with Chris

Then, Chris asked me out on a date but I made excuses not to go although I really wanted too.Weeks passed by and I thought my feelings would eventually go away but it didn’t. I couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to find out what my true feelings were for himSo, I text messaged him to see if he wanted to meet up for coffee. He said yes and agreed to meet up with me that night.

You won’t believe what I put him through that night.
I cancelled on him three times in one day before we actually met up. Then, I gave him the wrong direction and got him lost for about 30 minutes. Most guys might have given up but he was very patient and understanding the whole time.

He finally made it to the coffee shop after running around the whole town. This was the first time we met outside of church just the two of us so it was a bit awkward at first but I instantly felt comfortable once we started talking. He asked me a lot of questions about me so I started sharing a little bit about myself.  Soon that “little” turned into talking about my family, my deep feelings, and many other things.Stuff I usually would only share with my close friends. It was really odd because I rarely opened up to people about my family but our conversation felt so natural. To say the least, it was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with anyone. Time flew so fast we didn’t realize that we’ve been talking for four hours. It was a great night.
I felt more confused about my feelings after that night but one thing I was sure of was that there was something special about him. I started praying more earnestly to God about our relationship. I asked God to reveal to me whether Chris was the right person for me or not.
As we spent more time together our feelings for each other got stronger. Although we were both sure of our feelings we didn't want to take our relationship to the next step until we were sure it was part of God's will for both of us. I was at the point where I was willing to give up my relationship with Chris if God told me too. That was the first time; I gave God full control. Other times I held onto what I had with both hands as I asked Him what I should do. That wasn't truly trusting God.
We both started praying to God to show us confirmations and signs. We were both surprised when God started showing us instantly.
This is an actual picture we took on the day we met up for coffee 2 years ago <3


  1. I remember that night, driving completely the wrong way. :-)

    That drive was definitely worth it! Love you!


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