Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy Week 26: Stronger Kicks/ Cramps & Marriage as a priority

Hey Guys,

I officially have 95 more day's until we meet Topher if I have him on Nov.28th. Baby bump say's that he should be approximately 14 inches and weigh 1.75lb. That's the size of a hothouse cucumber.
I've been experiencing more cramps, backaches, and nauseousness this past week.  I'm hoping it'll get better.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit of a husband withdrawal. I kept thinking about how Chris and I won't be spending as much time alone and I kind of got me sad. I heard some women go through this and I'm sure one of them. Chris and I are making a concious effort to do as much as we can before Topher comes. Although we're both excited we both know a lot is about to change. There will be some tough moments but we know that's just part of parenthood.

I've made a commitment that my husband will stay a priority along with my son. Which means I will make a concious effort to spend my alone time with him. A personal decision I've made was that I wouldn't allow our kids to sleep in our bed. I've read married couples have a non existing intimate life because their kids are always with them and that can cause problems in the marriage. A person shared that their married men friends with kids feel less important then their dog at home because their wife is too busy taking care of life or sometimes vice versa. I've noticed that a lof of people are afraid to have kids because they feel it may break up their marraige. Aren't kids a blessing from God? Then why is it that people feel this way? It's really disheartening and sad. I'm sure it'll be a challenge for Chris and I but we've make a commitment to put our marriage as a priority while raising our kids together. We believe that's important for our kids as well.

On a separate note, here are some pictures from the weekend. Chris and I went to Genwa BBQ this past weekend and the food was pretty amazing. The experience was even better. It's a little more pricer then most Korean BBQ but I think it's worth going at least once to experience their ambiance. They give you massive amounts of side dishes and they serve high quality meat (kobe beef).

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