Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pregnancy Week 24 & 25: My prenatal workouts

Hey Guys,

I'm currently on week 25 and day 3 of my pregnancy. I have 103 more day's until we meet Topher. I think I'm gaining about 1 pound a week these days. I've read that was average. I went for my doctors appointment last week and I'm currently 104 lbs. The doctor said everything looked normal and great which is awesome.

This past weekend Chris rearranged our living room to make more space for Topher. It looks a lot more roomier. We both love the new layout, especially Chris. Maybe i'll post some picture later.

Lately, Chris has been acting really cute everytime we talk about Topher. We recently made our first baby purchase and bought a car seat. Whenever Chris looks at the car seat he starts talking to it as if Topher's sitting in it. Our car seat has tiny seat belts and cushions that looks like the shape of a baby so it's incredibly cute. We both can't wait to meet him.

Prenatal Workout DVD's:
I've also started working out more frequently. I've been using 3 different prenatal DVD's and elliptical for my workouts. The DVD's I got got really great reviews on Amazon and it was very close to what I was looking for.

The instructor for this workout was a former cirque du soleil performer so you can imagine what great of a shape she's in. I don't recommend this work out for someone who hasn't workout at all prior to getting pregnant. It may be a little challenging unless that's what you're looking for. I use to work out about 4 times a week including strength training. I also trained with P90X for over 1 year so this DVD wasn't too challenging for me since I was active.
I really love this DVD becaust it really works you out. The entire work out is about 40 minutes and there's 3 different levels you can follow. There's beginner, intermediate, and advance.She's shows you all 3 poses for each work out so it's very easy to follow.

This workout comes with two discs. I've only tried the first one and I really enjoyed it. It also has a workout you can do with your partner which is great. I was looking for a yoga DVD that was more then just stretching. I wanted to feel like I was actually working out. I read the reviews for the DVD and I read that it was challenging. I tried it this past weekend and the workout I chose from the disc was a little over an hour. It was really relaxing and I was sweating after 20 minutes or so. If the full hour is too long you can split it up. I'm looking foward to doing my yoga this weekend as well. You don't use any weights but some yoga tools are needed such as mats, yoga blocks, etc.

This work out is great for people who are busy and can't seem to make time to work out.  It's also great for all 3 trimester. Each work out is only 10 minutes and theres 5 different workouts in the DVD so you won't get bored. If you have more time you can do 2 of the workouts in one session or all 4.  I actually got sore after this doing this workout. It incorporates light weight lifting, thigh, arms, buns, sides, back and chest work outs. If you're looking for a pilates workout that only does strethces this isn't for you. It does push you a little but it's not too hard to do.

My work out routine is  to do cardio twice a week and strenth training twice a week. I took a Weight Management DNA test and it said that I metabolized carbs well and I needed to do more intense work out in order to stay fit and lose weight. So, ideally I would be on the elliptical twice a week and incorporate one of the DVD's twice a week. So far i've been working out only twice a week so I'm slowing trying to increase it. Sometimes it's hard because I feel really tired but if I can I usually take a quick nap and then work out after so that I don't get fatigued. You usually feel less tired throughout the day when you're active. It's also better to walk around more then sitting down all the time because there's a lot of pressure as your belly get's bigger.

Post Workout:
I  drink a power smoothie after my work outs to make sure I get my protein and it helps me to recover. I use a scoop of organic Nutrilite soy protein, 1 banana, 5 strawberries, and 1 packet of organic Nutrilite fiber powder. This taste delicious. I make sure I eat enough calories and protein so that I don't get too tired throughout the day.

I've talked to my doctor about my workout routines so if you would like to be safe you should consult with your doctor as well.


  1. This is so awesome!

    No wonder you can eat all that you do and don't have a trace of guilt on your face. You really do a great job taking care of yourself. This is honestly so amazing.

  2. Thanks Jeni for the encouraging words. I don't want to stress myself out by making it a chore but I really enjoy it and try my best to incorporate it into my weekly activity.


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