Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loving Ourselves Selflessly

I've been learning a lot more on loving others since i've started my blog. It's always easy to love those that love us but not those who hurt us. It's been a challenge but it's great that I'm improving. As I've been learning how to love others I came to realize that it's just as important to love ourselves. If we don't know how to love ourselves, it's almost impossible to love others because our love will have limits if we can't find completeness in our heart. So, I wanted to share how I overcame some of the struggles of accepting myself. I made this video a while back but I thought it was appropriate for this chapter. You can watch the video , just read my blog, or both.

There was a time in my life when I couldn't forgive myself for some of the sins I commited in my life, so I struggled with loving and accepting myself.This led me to think I wasn't pretty enough and that I was a failure. I truly believe the ememy uses beauty against women over and over again. The thoughts of, "I wish I was skinny as her, I wish I was successful as her, I wish I was her", comes from a small voice the enemy implants in our mind. We fight for the acceptance of how beautiful others view us. A lot of beautiful women I meet don't think that their pretty enough. I feel it's a lie that the enemy feeds us in order to have a control of our identity. Once they have a control of our identity, it puts us in a vulnerable state. When I started focusing on all the things I didn't like about myself I neglected the beauty God created in me. When I started seeking God and laid out my sins and dispair onto Him I was able to feel how He felt about me. He didn't love me because I reached my goals, I was pretty, I got a promotion, or because I got straight A's. He loves me because I'm His daughter. When I felt this kind of love the acceptance of myself was beyond what this world could provide. It wasn't boastful but selfless. It was a journey but through prayer and God, I was able to come out of that dark tunnel. Even now the enemy tries to use my past struggles to put me in the dark again but when ever those thoughts run through my head I declare out loud " I am God's daughter and that is all that matters!" Yes, that is all that matters.

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