Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pregnancy Week 33: Baby Shower + Our first trip to Babies R' Us

Hey Guys,

Week 33, Day 2
Topher Update:
Topher is approximately 17 inches which is about the size of a pineapple and weighs about 4.25lbs. He's still moving around a lot. He also hiccups about 2-3 times a day. I have to say that it feels a little annoying but I'll endure it for our baby.

Weekend Recap:
I hope you guys all had a great weekend! Mine was definitely awesome!
My sisters threw me a Baby Shower this past weekend and I had a blast. I wouldn't have had so much fun if it wasn't for all my dear friends and family. Thank you guys again for coming out and making it so memorable. Also, thank you babe for capturing all the great moments. I love you guys!!

I think the best part was seeing everyone's facial expression when they were smelling the chocolates inside the diapers. It was one of the games we played. It was pretty hilarious. Anything brown inside a diaper doesn't look pretty or tasty even if it's chocolates.

Our trip to Babies R' Us:
Chris and I finally went to Babies R' Us this past Sunday to buy a few things for Topher. It felt surreal to be inside the store. Who knew this day would come so soon. We realized how clueless we were about what Topher really needed. Why do babies need so many things? Thank God we have people around us to give us some stuff because we would easily spend a fortune.
Chris was so excited to go through all the aisles. I was a bit tired but he was so excited that I couldn't resist not going.
The funiest moment was when Chris freaked when he saw how expensive the Baby Bjorn was. He said, "It cost $200 to carry my son", but of course it's all worth it. He was also super excited to build Topher's Pack and Play. He stayed up until 1 AM building all his stuff. He's such a great dad!

Tips for first time shoppers at Babies R' Us:
1) We asked for a registry list at the guest service and went down the list to see what we needed to buy. Cross out everything you have, don't need, and stick with the most important things.
2) Ask the workers at the store for help when in doubt then do your own research.
3) Not all babies like the same baby bottle so only buy a couple to test it out. See if your baby likes it first and then you can buy more after. We personally bought the Tommie Tippee because it's currenlty one of the best selling and it was recommended by our friend.
4) Use coupon's.
5) Baby Carrier: Our friend recommened to get the one with full back support. It's more expensive but well worth the investment. It puts a strain on our back especially for us women. We got the Baby Bjorn brand. We found it for about 30% less on Amazon.com and it was directly from the company.
6) Try not to resist hand me downs especially things for newborns. They grow out of it so fast and they would never know or even care that it's not brand new.

Mom's if I forgot anything please leave comments below.

Chris making Topher's Pack and Play
 I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


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