Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry

I’m sure we don’t all struggle with this but do you sometimes find it hard to say “I’m sorry”? It’s amazing what sincerely apologizing to one another can do for our relationships.  Sometimes that’s all we want to hear. We hold grudges and hatred towards people that can be reconciled by admitting our wrongs.
I started thinking about this when I watched the movie “Bounty Hunter”.  I’m sure you guys already know but I love watching movies.  This movie wasn’t the best but it had its moments.  In the movie, Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler are ex-husband and wife.  They obviously don’t like each other but throughout the movie you immediately sense that they weren’t completely over each other as well.  My favorite scene is when they were having dinner and they started reminiscing about old times.  Then Gerald Butler apologizes to Jennifer Aniston and tells her that he was genuinely sorry for everything.  This catches Jennifer off guard and you can see a sign of disbelief on her face.  All the hatred and resentment just for that moment was gone.  She then tells him how she felt and some of the things she was sorry for as well.  It was a beautiful moment (the only great scene).  It’s sad how we perceive apologizing as being weak when it’s the direct opposite.  I struggled with this throughout my relationships with my friends, family, and Chris until I was shown that it wasn’t.
As I started thinking about this I thought about my parents.  My parents have walked a great journey for our family and for their marriage.  We had our ups and downs but through it all we survived.  One of the things I’m thankful for is my parents will to make it work.  Growing up I knew that my parents weren’t in love and there were times when they thought about splitting up as well but I know a big part of the reason why they stayed together was because of us.   Also, back then divorce wasn’t as common.  My parents has recently went through a lot of healing and after almost 40 years of marriage I feel like they have somewhat found peace within each other.  My dad tells my mom that she’s beautiful and he tells her things I’ve never heard my dad say.  It’s truly a miracle what has happened to my parents.  My dad hasn’t told my mom that he was sorry yet but he did start by writing a letter to my mom which mended a lot of the pains from the past. Did I believe that this would happen 10 years ago?  I had my doubts but few years ago I decided to have faith in God because anything is possible in the presence of God. There still needs to be more healing but it's amazing to see all the changes they went through so far.  The day my dad genuinely say's "i'm sorry" to my mom will be another great day when their relationship will reach another level.  I’m so excited to see what else God has in store for all of us.
I write this in the hopes to share that there is still hope and it’s never too late to tell the person we’ve hurt that we’re sorry even after 40 years. If we sincerely apologize and they’re not ready to accept it, we have to accept that as well and let God do the rest.  The most important thing is that it’s not worth losing someone we love because of less important things.

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